Xbox’s CEO Shows Displeasure Over Metaverse Game

Phil Spencer of Xbox/Microsoft Is Not Pleased With Metaverse Game

World’s popular gaming company namely Xbox’s CEO Phil Spencer was seen showing his displeasure over the globally popular Metaverse Game. He was seen suggesting that the game in question has been poorly developed.

To many, the concept of virtual reality-based games like Metaverse is still very hard to understand. However, there are a lot of companies who wish to be a part of Metaverse because they feel the game has huge potential.

Xbox’s CEO, Phil Spencer, was addressing the WSJ Live Convention where he heavily criticized Metaverse game as well as the technology. He was of the view that the game is an unfinished product.

He even went on to suggest that the game in question has been made haphazardly.

Spencer’s criticism sparked a debate amongst many who regarded his statement as an indirect attack at Meta.

Meta has been often criticized by many because of its low graphics which, as compared to other modern games, are criticized for being low standard graphics.

Spencer explained further that there are exceptional developers in the gaming field who have already built amazing virtual worlds. Environmentally they are so compelling that anybody would love to spend their time in them.

He also said that the world created by Meta isn’t that attractive where he would like to spend some time.

Virtual Reality Is Still In Its Infancy

As regards the metaverse’s concept, however, Spencer did not show any disgruntlement. Instead, he suggested that the concept is still in its infancy and requires further evolution so as to be at par with the modern day games.

Spencer’s Past Dis-Contentment

Even in the past, Spencer has echoed his discontentment over the hype surrounding the metaverse. At an occasion in August, he had said that the concept of metaverse had been there for over three decades.

Spencer was seen even criticizing gaming models built upon the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). He said that to him the concept of NFT games is nothing more than an ‘experimentation’. He termed the concept as ‘exploitive’.

Microsoft’s Future Projects

At the beginning of 2022, Microsoft spent around $69 Billion for acquiring Activision Blizzard. At the time of acquisition, Microsoft suggested that in the creation of further platforms of metaverse, gaming would play a crucial role.

It is widely known also that Microsoft, the parent company of Xbox, has been working on developing technologies. The corporate giant suggested in the past that it was developing Microsoft Cloud for hosting metaverse platforms.

Microsoft also said that Microsoft Cloud would provide artificial intelligence to several metaverse apps.

According to public opinion, Spencer’s remarks were aimed at criticizing its competitor Meta.