Market Interest Keeps Growing in Oryen, Early Investors Enjoy 140% Gains Already

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Oryen is a new platform on the horizon that is gaining fast attraction across the cryptocurrency industry. The platform is an upcoming staking platform that is destined for great success in the near future.

Oryen is a Staking Platform

Oryen is currently in development and it has been designed to operate as a staking platform. The developers chose the Binance Smart Chain to run operations for the Oryen staking platform.

The goal that the Oryen developers want to achieve with the launch of the new platform is to make things as simple as possible for the users.

At the moment, the entire staking process in the cryptocurrency industry is very complex and hard to grasp. The platform aims to operate the exact opposite of the currently operating staking platforms.

It wants to offer simple staking products to the users, with aim of forming a strong community.

Oryen Welcome’s Every Staking Community

The teams working on the development of the Oryen platform are targeting staking communities regardless of their experience.

Even the cryptocurrency communities belonging to the beginners’ level are welcoming in participating in the staking platform.

The same goes for the veteran cryptocurrency communities wanting to gain exposure in the industry. The communities can earn from the staking platform and the yields would be really high and promising.

Performance of ORY

The teams working on the Oryen platform have revealed that the native token for the protocol would be ORY. The users will be able to generate yields even when their wallets are holding the ORY tokens.

At the moment, interested investors can acquire ORY tokens through the initial coin offering (ICO). It is the presale period allowing users to acquire the ORY tokens before it makes a mainnet launch.

The token has already completed its three phases for the presale and at present, it is undergoing its fourth presale period. In total, ORY is going to have six phases, and the token’s price has risen with each presale.

As of now, $1,000,000 worth of ORY tokens has been staked on the platform. This means that the platform is already garnering a strong following.

What Distinguishes Oryen from other Traditional Staking Platforms?

The Oryen platform offers users auto-staking capability so they do not have to interact with the protocols manually.

The protocol aims to maximize the yields by compounding dividends. The payouts from the yields are sent automatically to the stakers. They do not have to request the payouts manually.

The investors who backed the ORY token have already generated 140% of profits from their investments in the token. They acquired each unit of the ORY token at a price of $0.05 and it is now at $0.12.