Predictions For Big Eyes Coin Are Quite Hopeful

Big Eyes Coin is the next huge meme coin that will start trading publicly on Christmas. Its presales already generated buzz in the crypto community, with $11.4 million generated in just several days.

The flashy marketing campaign and a bid to contest the top positions in the market by overtaking Dogecoin and Shiba Inu made it an interesting asset to watch.

If you are interested in buying some meme coins, this one should be on your list. Experts say that it is positioned to bite off a significant market share from DOGE and SHIB.

Meme coins often perform beyond expectations

While the whole crypto market is in a distinct slump with many experts saying that the end of the “winter” is nowhere near, tight communities in the crypto industry do not feel pressured.

DOGE famously outperformed major coins in tough times. Meme coins have a strong potential to reach for the stars despite being bogged down by bad circumstances.

Big Eyes Coin made a flashy entrance into the crypto world by appearing on a huge 3D billboard in New York, immediately generating buzz in the media. BIG has the “biggest” potential among meme coins.

It has many use cases and offers recognized utility. These two aspects were the driving force behind the strong support it received during presales and long before that.

The community is standing behind the Big Eyes Coin project and will certainly support it when the token goes live on multiple exchanges. The token uses the ERC-20 standard and was deployed on the Ethereum network.

It was further optimized during the weeks following the Ethereum merge. Now, it is positioned to take the market by storm.

Should you pay attention to meme coins?

These tokens are a destination of no return for the diehard enthusiast and a great financial tool for a speculator. Depending on your trading style and overall strategy, Big Eyes Coin may take an important place in your portfolio.

However, expecting it to perform better than the market in the long run is not advisable. It is a fun risk to take on if you have the capital to spare on a risky endeavor.