Ledger Stax With Tony Fadell Joining The Dev Team

The overwhelming success of Ledger indicates that the crypto community creates a large demand for reliable cold-storage solutions. Ledger released multiple devices and many were received well by users.

The popularity of the gadget put a significant strain on the production department of the company which struggled to meet the demand.

The recent influx of new orders caused Ledger to rethink its approach to developing its devices and consider releasing a model that would be interesting to prestige-seeking customers.

Tony Fadell is the right guy for the job

iPod Classic is an iconic device that many people instantly recognize. While he is mostly known for creating the timeless piece of technology in iPod, he was also contributing to the design of multiple iPhone generations.

As the author of over 300 patents and the founder of a $3.2 billion Nest Lab company (Google Nest), Tony Fadell is a solid addition to the development team at Ledger.

The next model Stax is already making noise in the community by adding more and more supported cryptocurrencies. Cardano and all its associated projects will be featured on a Ledger device for the first time.

While people like Ledger, the design was also something that felt lacking. Nano looks polished and compact yet is quite hard for newbies to use. The accessibility of the device is a weakness that many at Ledger recognized.

The next iteration will be smaller than a credit card and have a much bigger display. Wireless charging and connecting via Bluetooth will be two welcome additions to the functionality of cold storage.

Stax will be in development for a while

At the time, the device is in active development with the team still figuring out how to tackle the task of building a powerful cold-storage wallet that would be easily accessible by mass consumers.

Right now, Stax looks like a solution for the premium segment and those who want to show off in front of their friends.

Hopefully, Tony Fadell will find ways to make Stax as iconic as iPod and produce something that we all will want to have!