Video Games will Boost Mass Crypto Adoption

The video game industry is extremely competitive and adaptive to the latest technology as soon as it is made available. With the presence of blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized development options, many game studios are looking forward to adopting this technology in the future and bringing out their games to the final customers in a decentralized fashion. According to a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom, most of the gaming studios are working with blockchain technology in some capacity, and they are anxiously looking forward to bringing out some of their titles directly on a blockchain-sponsored platform.

This says a lot about the gaming industry and its marvelous adoption rates to new technology as soon as it is made available. A total of 197 game developers were surveyed both in the United Kingdom and the United States. According to the final drafted results, about 58% of these do like the idea of decentralization and will be working or are working presently with blockchain technology for their upcoming titles. About 47% of the participants have already started working with non-fungible tokens and making them an innate part of the game experience regarding upcoming titles. This study confirms the overall confidence and trust of these game developers and studios towards NFTs and blockchain technology.

Role of Blockchain Technology and NFTs in the Gaming Industry

About 2/3 of the participants think that blockchain will become a necessary part of the game development sector in the next two years. Chris Trew, the CEO of Stratis, thinks that both the non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology would become a native part of many upcoming games. Players could explore the gaming world in the same fashion they used to but find NFTs hidden every now and then in the game environment; this will allow them to own a dedicated percentage of stake within the game they are playing.

NFTs would definitely become a currency in the gaming world whether or not the same happens in the real world too. Blockchain technology will offer innovative gameplay, making in-game purchases secure than ever and rewarding players for the time they have spent and the dedication they have built towards the game.