USDC to Gain more Mainstream Recognition as Circle Integrates Stablecoin into Apple Pay

Circle recently had a major announcement to make that has excited the entire USD Coin (USDC) community.

USDC Comes to Apple Pay

The issuer of the USD-pegged stablecoin (USDC) has announced that they have integrated Apple Pay with USDC. With the new integration, Apple Pay users will have access to USDC for making payments.

Circle has taken a very significant step when it comes to gaining mainstream recognition. Through Apple Pay, millions of users will gain access to USDC and they will eventually use it to make transactions.

The move made by Circle also shows what the company intends to do in the future and how much it wants the crypto to be adopted in the mainstream sector.

The effort is aimed at bringing the crypto industry and the traditional payment systems together for a brighter future.

Announcement Made on November 15

Circle announced the integration on November 15 through a blog post revealing what the crypto industry would achieve from the integration.

As per the stablecoin issuer, the cryptocurrency businesses and retailers that accept crypto would be able to benefit tremendously from the new integration.

Even the non-crypto users in Apple Pay would have the opportunity and access to try out making payments using crypto. The firm has clarified that the users would be able to buy crypto via Apple Pay as well.

The users would be able to buy crypto from Apple Pay and they would be able to direct the purchased crypto to the preferred exchanges.

The advantage for Apple Pay

The latest integration would be as promising for Apple Pay’s business as it is for Circle. Apple Pay would be able to offer the same facility to its traditional clients that also include retailers.

With traditional businesses and retailers exposed to cryptocurrency, both Apple Pay and Circle would gain tremendously.

Above all, it would be the crypto industry gaining massive mainstream recognition. With more retail payments getting exposed and used to digital currencies, the future of crypto would be ensured.

As the retail payment sector keeps shifting to digital and crypto payment methods, more digital currencies would be derived. This would eventually help increase their trading prices.

Following the integration, Apple Pay users would experience no changes to the application’s interface. Instead, the users would find it easier to interact with the crypto, bringing them to their daily use.

This would also grant USDC a highly credible position in the mainstream market. The dollar-pegged stablecoin has climbed the ladder really fast and at the time of writing, it is second only to Tether (USDT).

The reason USDC is becoming the first choice among investors is that it is fully liquidity-backed. This is the reason why the investors and soon, the mainstream industry won’t fear interacting with it.