Top Five Tokenized Crypto Which Had A Blasting 2021

Digital currencies had a blast in 2021 as most of the time in the year the market was bullish. There were few occasions when the market turned bearish but year-to-date growth for digital currencies was almost double. Literally, the gains for each digital currency increased from more than 80% to above 100%.

As of today, digital currencies’ global economy is hovering above US$ 2.5 Trillion in which Bitcoin has most of its share. But it was the tokenized form of crypto whose gains were far higher than the pure digital currencies.

Firstly, it was Gala, which is a native token belonging to a blockchain-based gaming platform. The value of this token increased tremendously by at least 212,036%.

At number two was the token called “AXS” which belongs to Axie Infinity. The year-to-date gains for AXS were recorded at an average of 18,957%. Again Axie Infinity is a gaming project and has been conducting mega sales of lands in its Metaverse. This year alone, Axie Infinity has traded assets for more than US$ 3.6 Billion. It also holds the title of selling one of the most expensive lands in the Metaverse which cost the buyer US$ 820,000. AXS’s present market capitalization is exceeding US$ 4 Billion while the daily trade volume of AXS is above US$ 770 Million.

The third top gainer amongst tokenized crypto was “CVNT”. Again, CVNT is a native token but it doesn’t belong to any gaming platform. Instead, it is part of a storage facility network of decentralized nature. Throughout the year, CVNT gained an increase of more than 18,572%. In the past 14 days alone, the value of CVNT has surged by more than 67%. Even on 27th December, CVNT was swapping hands @ US$ 1.23 but now its value is US$ 1.31. CVNT is becoming one of the fastest-growing tokenized forms of crypto.

Then comes the official asset of Terra Project known as “LUNA”. LUNA is currently a very important digital asset within the crypto economy because of its global popularity. In the past 12 months, LUNA had successfully gained a value increase by at least 17,589%. In terms of its market cap, LUNA is commanding US$ 34 Billion plus of the crypto economy. Most importantly, LUNA’s daily trade volume is exceptionally good as compared to other digital assets of its kind. The daily trade volume has been over the average of US$ 2.5 Billion for the past many weeks.

At the fifth position, in terms of value surge and phenomenal gains, is another token from Metaverse of The Sandbox called “SAND”. Currently sand is in the limelight for having successfully concluded some exceptional sales. SAND token is a native coin that is used within the Metaverse of The Sandbox. In the past month, The Sandbox carried out sales of virtual lands and against the sales, it earned a revenue of more than US$ 86.56 Million.