Tamadoge Successfully Defeats Terra Classic In Race Of Price Recording A 1,500% Surge

Tamadoge, (TAMA), which is the new meme coin in the market has reportedly done things much better than Terra Classic (LUNC) recently.

The performance of TAMA has been much better than LUNC which was expected to perform really well in the market.

TAMA Price has Surge Substantially

The trading price of TAMA has recorded a significant push compared to the trading price of LUNC.

In the first week of making a debut in the cryptocurrency market, TAMA has recorded a significant push. TAMA only spent a week after being listed on the OKX exchange and recorded a tremendous push in its value.


The trading price of Terra Classic recorded a 1,338% push on September 8 after recording a low trading price.

The price chart shows that the trading price of LUNC was at a low of $0.00004123 on June 9. After experiencing a substantial rally, LUNC’s trading price surged to a high of $0.000593.

It was in a 91-day cycle that the trading price of LUNC recorded a surge in its value.

Then comes Tamadoge, which made its debut through one of the cryptocurrency exchanges OKX on September 27. It was just seven days ago when Terra Classic was listed through the cryptocurrency exchange.

During the beta phase, the trading price of TAMA was at a low of $0.01. Throughout the phase, the developers kept the trading price of TAMA to a particular figure.

The token also underwent a presale phase, which helped it generate 19 million USDT. The meme coin was able to accumulate such a high number of USDT in a matter of 55 days.

From the time of its presale, getting enlisted on the OKX exchange, and until now, the trading price of TAMA has surged more than 1,500%.

TAMA’s 2nd Presale Round an All-Time High

The second presale for TAMA was launched on July 25. The presale was going to last for a long but the demand for the token was higher than expected.

The second beta sales for TAMA ended much sooner than expected because the sales were greater than the developers had expected.

The presale reportedly ended in the first week of the following month (August).

TAMA hit its All-Time High

Right after its first listing, the trading price of TAMA secured an all-time high price of $0.1646. However, at the time of listing, the trading price of TAMA was at a low of $0.03.

TAMA recorded a 450% surge from the time of its OKX listing until now.

However, the trading price of TAMA ended up correcting itself and fell to a low of $0.01683. Still, TAMA has recorded a 10x surge in its value since the time of its listing.