SkyBridge Capital CEO Urges Traders and Investors to Buy Bitcoin

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CEO of SkyBridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci, has become the centre of attention in the crypto community on social media. The reason for this uproar and popularity boost is the latest Bitcoin maximalist comments made by the financial management CEO. He recently claimed that Bitcoin is currently undervalued and showed hope for a massive price appreciation in the future.

Scaramucci claimed that many investors claim that the time for investing in Bitcoin is long gone. He further clarified that such an idea is not correct, and it is still too early to buy into the top coin. He is not the only professional financial investor who thinks that Bitcoin is headed for the moon.

Scaramucci does not have any small expectations from Bitcoin; he claimed that Bitcoin has the potential to get a price valuation of $500K per unit. Interestingly, he is not alone in his opinion about the flagship crypto’s massive appreciation. Another noteworthy financial investment figure who agrees with this optimistic idea is Cathy Wood from Ark Invest. Wood is known for placing risky bets to make a profit through the years.

She has reiterated the same idea about Bitcoin price appreciation several times. During the current year, when a huge portion of the world has awakened to the idea of cryptocurrency trading, Wood has used media platforms to broadcast positive sentiment regarding Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. She expects that in the next five years, Bitcoin can breach $500K or higher.

Rising Inflation Will Boost Bitcoin Price Value

The stance of traditional financial institutions is changing towards cryptocurrency trading rapidly. Scaramucci claims that the best feature of Bitcoin is its limited supply of 21 million. He also claimed that there are not enough Bitcoins for every millionaire in the USA. On the other hand, deVere Group CEO and Founder Nigel Green opine that the rising rate of inflation is going to help Bitcoin gain more traction in the market.

Some investors take the approval and listing of Bitcoin pegged ETFs in the current year as a good omen for its future price appreciation. Meanwhile, Scaramucci thinks in the upcoming years, the total number of Bitcoin wallets is going to reach 1 billion, and it will set off a massive bullish wave for the firstborn cryptocurrency.