Price Analysis for AR and NEAR as all Three Demonstrate over 10% Gains

In today’s crypto market, Arweave (AR) has reportedly observed over 16% in the past 24-hours. The surge has led the price of Arweave all the way up to $57.24 per AR. Despite facing a 6.30% demise in the past 30-days, Arweave’s price started recovering, demonstrating 40.11% growth in the past 7-days.

As a result of the surge, Arweave’s valuation has reached all the way up to $1.91 billion ranking it as the 66th largest cryptocurrency. The trading volume achieved by Arweave in the past 7-days is $364,012,528 and the trading volume has been $83,867,676 in the past 24-hours.

As of now, the trading volume for Arweave has surged by 18.34% in the past 24-hours. It means that the bulls are increasing the buying power for Arweave to bring it back to the price it had started the month of December with.

On December 1, 2021, Arweave had started its trading at $60.9 per AR. However, the month started with a bearish run, bringing its price down to $38.59 by December 4, 2021. Arweave didn’t continue experiencing the downtrend for long as it started growing in value. From December 4, 2021, until now, its price has increased by 48%, demonstrating strong support from bulls.

According to the performance graph, Arweave’s price may continue growing higher until it is able to hit and cross the early December figure.

Then it is NEAR Protocol (NEAR) that is demonstrating a 12.16% increase in its price in the past 24-hours. As for the past 30-day performance, there’s been a 1.00% increase in the price of NEAR in the past 30-days. As for the past 7-days, the price of NEAR had experienced an 11.16% plunge. The plunges and surges have brought NEAR’s price all the way up to $9.47.

The recorded 7-day trading volume for NEAR has been $3,002,957,958, while it has been $385,009,630 in the past 24-hours. The deep analysis for NEAR shows that its 24-hour trading volume has surged by 57.23%. This means that the bears are currently running the show for NEAR as they have increased their selling efforts for the digital asset, thus, creating the surge.

For now, the performance graph for NEAR shows that it is moving in a negative direction. Still, the sentiments of the investors are in the bearish zone, which means they will continue selling NEAR on a lower scale.

However, the bulls are putting in all the effort to boost the price of NEAR over the $10 per NEAR price. The bulls may experience great resistance from the bears as they are at the moment before they manage to make it through the $10 price.