More Than 90% of Crypto Surveys Are Based On Lies And Far From Truth

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The majority of the surveys relating to digital currencies have been found statistically incorrect or, as some may call it, dubious. For instance, most of the crypto surveys regarding Australians are nothing but fiction. The statistics mentioned therein are not only incorrect but even far from the truth. According to the majority viewpoint, more than 90% of surveys of digital currencies are false and based on fictional figures.

As per the survey report of “Finder”, the survey revealed at out of every 5 Australians, 1 is a crypto owner. The findings were so flawed that they were quickly noticed by Reserve Bank of Australia’s Payment Head, Tony Richards. However, it didn’t matter at all as the Finder’s survey had been widely published and believed by most of the readers. Even one of the Australian Senators made a mention of Finder’s survey during a Senate Session, which he regretted afterward.

Finder’s survey is still out there and has been misguiding most of the readers who are unaware of the true facts. In the survey, it was noted that at least 17% of Australians are owners of at least one digital currency. The survey went on to suggest further that approximately 9% of Australians are those who own one or more Bitcoins. While there are 8% of Australians who have been owning one or more Ether coins. Similarly, there are at least 5% of Australians who own a meme coin, Dogecoin.

The survey then proceeds to ask pertinent questions about Bitcoins from the Australian respondents. Surveyed respondents were allegedly been asked to give their replies in either “Agree” or “Disagree”. For instance, Finder’s survey claims to ask the question of whether Bitcoin’s price surge is a “bubble” waiting to pop. The survey then claimed that the majority of Australians, exactly 73%, “agreed” to the question. Similarly, the other question asked was whether there is any scope for Australians in the Bitcoin investment. Again, the survey results claim that 50% of people agreed while 50% disagreed.

However, the above findings were challenged by Richards who raised a counterclaim that the statistics given are implausible. Richards argued that the survey failed to give percentages of different age groups in Australia. It though talks about minority and majority of Australians, however, there is no division of people of different ages.

If the results are to be considered then it would mean that the surveyor is including Australia’s child population as well. At presently, the child population in Australia makes up more than 20% of the entire population. Similarly, the population of Australians over the age of 65 is also more than 15%. The majority of Australians however, which make up a total of 65% population, are persons aged between 15 to 65 years. In addition, 15 years old is still a very tender age and people from this age group cannot be assumed to be owners of cryptocurrencies.