Despite Crypto Winter, Chiliz Token Has Continues Growing, Adds More Staff

Chiliz, a major blockchain company that is behind the launch of, a fan token platform, has recently confirmed that it’s growing its workforce.

According to the Chiliz officials, they have been constantly expanding their services and platform. For this purpose, they have continued increasing their workforce by hiring more and more employees.

The latest statement made by the Chiliz executives confirms that the company has been thriving despite the crypto market downfall.

Even though there is a demise in the crypto market, the fan token sector is still growing significantly. The fans have been supporting Chiliz because they find its fan tokens to be quite attractive and entertaining.

Others Cut and Chiliz Builds

The year 2022 has proven to be a very unlucky year for cryptocurrencies as they have lost tremendously in their valuations in the running year.

Since the beginning of 2022 until now, the cryptocurrency industry has lost 60% of its overall valuation. The situation does not seem to be moving toward recovery for the overall cryptocurrency market.

As the cryptocurrency industry is constantly moving downhill, major cryptocurrency firms have no choice but to cut expenses. Therefore, the companies within the crypto-verse have started cutting their workers.

Gemini and Coinbase, some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the cryptoverse also had to cut their workforce by 10% to 20%. Like the rest, their priority was to continue running their operations and serve the clients.

However, the number of workers they needed was for the peak influxes they faced back in mid-2021. Now, the influx of users as well as cryptocurrency transactions is not even half of what it was in 2021.

Chiliz has increased its headcount by more than 70%

On the other hand, Chiliz has continued to hire more employees the company. As per statistics, Chiliz has increased its employee base by 70% and this increase is just for the year 2022.

Alexander Dreyfus, the CEO of, and Chiliz was the one to confirm the details with the major cryptocurrency reporting firms.

Chiliz has confirmed that following the recent hiring spree, the overall workforce of the company has risen to over 300.

The company has also opened new offices in multiple regions that include Sao Paulo, Milan, London, Switzerland, and Miami. The company is also aiming to open up new offices in Istanbul, Lyon, Malta, and Madrid.

The rise in Demand for Chiliz

Since early 2022, the trading volume of Chiliz has continued to rise. From the beginning of 2022 until now, the trading volume for Chiliz has risen by 200%.

The overall trading volume for Chiliz in the month of September was $6.4 billion. For the month of January 2022, the overall trading volume for Chiliz was $2.2 billion.

From the growing demand and trading volume of Chiliz, it can be speculated that the trading price of Chiliz would continue to rise in the future.