Creator of Sui Blockchain has Reportedly Suffered a Hack

Mysten Labs was recently hacked, as confirmed by the officials at the company. Mysten Labs is famously known for the creation of the Sui blockchain.

Mysten Labs was hacked

The officials at the Mysten Labs announced on Saturday that their Discord server had suffered a hack. The company communicated the hack to all the users through the company’s preferred communication channels.

Warning by Mysten Labs

The teams at Mysten Labs issued a warning to all the users announcing that their server had been hacked.

The teams warned the users not to click any links getting posted on the server. They mentioned that the users must not click any links for at least 8 years and they will be sharing further updates on the matter.

The Mysten Labs officials announced that they were working on fixing the problem at the earliest. They notified the users and the community through Twitter posts when the issue will be resolved.

Hackers Misused the Announcement Channel

One of the users on Twitter shared a screenshot to give an idea about what the link looked like.

The screenshot showed that a link was sent to the users misleading the receivers that it was for an airdrop. The link was sent alongside an announcement of the airdrop, and the announcement was made through the announcement channel.

Still no Updates from Mysten Labs

It has been over 24 hours and still, there is no update from Mysten Labs in regards to the hack. The teams are yet to confirm if they have resolved the hacking issue or not.

The entire community is in the dark and is trying to reach out to Mysten Labs and the Sui blockchain team for an update on the matter.

Inaugural Product

It was back in March of 2022 when Mysten Labs launched its blockchain named Sui blockchain. The teams at Mysten Labs had revealed that it was the inaugural product of their platform.

At the time of launch, Mysten Labs had announced that their blockchain will work as a proof-of-stake consensus protocol. The particular blockchain has been launched to operate as a permissionless protocol.

Mysten Labs was founded by George Danezis, Adeniyi Abiodun, Sam Blackshear, and Evan Cheng, and it was launched as a web3 infrastructure setup.

All four founders were previously engineers at Novi, which was the cryptocurrency unit at Meta. Previously, these engineers had worked on the Move programming language and Diem blockchain.

The blockchain has been supported and backed by many investors. These investors include Coinbase Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

As per the latest records, the valuation of the platform is $2 billion.