Cardano Founder Desires to Remove the Need of CEOs

Cardano founder has taken the initiative of eliminating the need for CEOs and presidents for a business enterprise altogether, and he is going to start with Cardano. The project has been running successfully since the launch, and various updates have been entrenched into it, such as the latest Alonzo Hard Fork combinator, which has essentially made Cardano the most efficient and significant decentralized blockchain out there.

Charles took it to Twitter to celebrate this amazing accomplishment the team has managed to pull off as Cardano enters a new era. His tweet received quite the crowd as the followers of the program and crypto enthusiasts came out to show their support on Twitter. Replying to one of the followers, Hoskinson pitched in a very straightforward and kind of strange vision. Replying to a dedicated request, Hoskinson said that he has no desire to be made a president because he doesn’t have an attitude for politics.

Charles Hoskinson Wants Collaborative Leadership

He said that if a company can operate under combined leadership, developers are working tirelessly to make the blockchain more efficient and adaptive to our customer needs, then he doesn’t think that there is a need for CEOs and presidents to be fair.

On the contrary, Hoskinson wants to remove these titles of CEOs and presidents and wants to run his company under adaptive and collaborative leadership. However, it was not brought forward how Charles is going to move on with this plan of his to completely eliminate the president and CEOs, but the statement was very intensive and was received very well by the crypto community.

Smart contracts are now a positive reality for the Cardano network, they are no longer a hazy dream, and if this can happen under a combined leadership, then truly the need for presidents and CEOs almost vanishes. Many say that this is only the success talking, and Hoskinson is going to completely forget about what he said regarding the elimination of presidents and CEOs but those who have been following for some time say that he’s not going to back out on his own word and we’ll see it through.