Bitcoin Beach In El Salvador To Get $203 Million In Investment

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A beach in El Salvador called El Zonte has been renamed ‘Bitcoin Beach’ because of its crypto adoption. The government of El Salvador has come up with a strategic plan for the beach.

This involves infrastructure investments being made in the beach. Likewise, another beach called Surf City, which is located in the La Libertad region will also be given upgrades, such as road improvements.

Infrastructure investments

The Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador will reap the benefits of infrastructure investments from the government.

It has become iconic since its adoption of bitcoin for building a circular economy in the said location.

The purpose of these investments would be to provide tourists a wide array of facilities that can help them enjoy the location in a better way.

El Salvadorian President, Nayib Bukele also talked about the investments as well. He said that El Zonte had become known as the Bitcoin Beach.

He said that the area is approximately 15,000 square meters and they would fix it so it has a treatment plant, beach club, parking and shopping center that can help revitalize the location.

Surf City

Another beach which is known as El Tunco, or Surf City, will also be able to enjoy the benefits of these investments because they will also extend to its area.

The aim of the Surf City project is to make strategic developments in the La Libertad region in order to help promote tourism and this is just the second stage of this project.

The roads in the La Libertad region will also be developed in order to ensure the tourists are able to access the sites without any problems.

According to Bukele, they will be expanding the coastal highway and they would use hydraulic concrete to do so.

He revealed that 21 kilometers would be expanded into four different lanes and the use of hydraulic concrete over asphalt would help them last longer, which is also more expensive.

The total amount that the government of El Salvador will invest in the infrastructure is around $203 million and they would put in bridges, a new drainage system, bicycle roads, and a number of other facilities.

Salvadoran Tourism

The government of El Salvador has already talked about the impact of Bitcoin Beach and Surf City on tourism in the country and these investments are meant to help it accomplish the goal of boosting it.

According to a recent report, one of the countries that had managed to recover their incomes generated from tourism after the pandemic was El Salvador.

Bukele stated that this had happened because of three reasons, which were bitcoin, surf, and the country’s battle against gangs.

The officials of the El Salvadoran government were also full of praises for bitcoin because it has helped in boosting tourism in the country this year.

The country’s minister of tourism, Morena Valdez said in April that the tourism sector has experienced growth of 30% since El Salvador adopted bitcoin as a legal tender.