Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban Picks Ethereum over Bitcoin

Mark Cuban is a known figure in the United States. He is a billionaire investor, TV personality, and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He started his cryptocurrency journey as a cynic but later on changed his opinions. Recently, he was speaking to CNBC on the matter of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is worth noting that recently there have been comparisons between Ethereum and Bitcoin in terms of market domination.

Many investors believe that Ethereum has many advantages over Bitcoin. The idea that Ether will eventually overtake Bitcoin is also not a new one. Cuban was asked by the journalists on his take regarding this topic. He seems to agree with the idea and claimed that Ethereum has an upside over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency variants.

Limited Use Cases of Bitcoin

Mark Cuban, who is known for playing the role of an angel investor in the TV show Shark Tank, did have very friendly views about Bitcoin. He once said that it is easier to move bananas in the market rather than Bitcoin. He was referring to the limited use cases of Bitcoin and the fact that not many services are products can be purchased with the flagship cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has been criticized for its lack of utility in the real world by many people. However, after studying blockchain technology in detail, Mark Cuban has changed his stance on the matter of digital assets. His professional sports team Dallas Maverick has proceeded to accept cryptocurrencies for ticket payment and their merchandise.

When the journalists asked Mark Cuban about this stance on the supremacy of Ethereum, he could not help but agree with the idea. Cuban claimed that Ethereum is the type of blockchain technology that can offer smart contracts. It is also able to provide a hosting ecosystem for several other tokens and offers a higher rate of transactions per second.

Another investor Nigel Green, who is the founder of deVere Group, has also expressed the same views about Ethereum. As per Green, Ethereum is the most used and in-demand blockchain project in the crypto market due to its smart contracts capabilities. He went on to predict that Ethereum can become the topmost cryptocurrency in the matter of the next 5 years.