• BabyDoge has seen increased popularity recently since its launch in 2021 June.
  • The Hong Kong exchange CoinEx listed the meme coin.
  • BabyDoge joined more than 15.5K wallets within 48 hours, leading to 1,275,000 wallets in total.

The meme coin market has had increased popularity ever since Elon Musk and the Dogecoin community pushed DOGE higher. That had new meme cryptos joining the market from different angles, competing with Dogecoin for success. Shiba Inu has been a leading competitor so far. However, DOGE and SHIB appear to have another competitor, Baby DogeCoin (BabyDoge/USD).

BabyDoge Records New Milestone in Holders

A recent tweet by WhaleStats suggests BabyDoge achieved a milestone recently, its token holders climbing to 1,275,000. Moreover, the report highlights around 1000 wallets in BNB hold more than $5million in Baby DogeCoin, translating to over 989 trillion BabyDoge tokens.

Keep in mind that the altcoin had its holders surging by more than 15,595 within 48 hours. BabyDoge had 1,260,402 holders on 17 January. The number surged to 1,275,000 within 48 hours. Furthermore, the coin still sees increasing holders.

For now, BabyDoge surpassed Shiba Inu as far as wallets are concerned, though SHIB has more listing and expanded adoption. Shiba Inu had 1,145,213 wallets, less than Baby Doge before the latest uptick in holders.

Why the Growth?

Though various factors trigger interest in the crypto space, the sudden surge came after CoinEx listed BabyDoge. The Hong Kong-based crypto exchange supported the meme coin on 18 January. For now, the platform enables the token’s deposits, trading, and withdrawals.

Developers tagged BabyDoge to Tether, the leading stablecoin. That makes the meme coin available for the massive crypto users owning USDT. With that, individuals can also buy the meme token without hurdles.

Meanwhile, BabyDoge is Shiba dog-inspired crypto-like SHIB, FLOKI, and several lesser-known cryptos in the market. BabyDoge joined the crypto world in 2021 June. Meanwhile, CoinEx also listed the Elon Musk-inspired ELON token.

Tesla billionaire has been prominent in the crypto space, promoting Dogecoin towards its ATH early last year. The CEO owns a Shiba Inu doge named Floki, inspiriting the Floki Inu token creation.