Avalanche (AVAX): Overcoming This Hurdle Can Trigger 20% Upswing

  • Avalanche can witness a 20% upsurge if bulls conquer the resistance barrier at $84.87.
  • However, a minor correction appears possible before AVAX records the anticipated climb.
  • Ruining the support floor at 476.16 will print a lower low, canceling Avalanche’s bullish thesis.

Avalanche has consolidated beneath a critical obstacle for around three days. Though bulls try to overcome the barrier now, a bullish correction might be vital to accomplish the goal.

Avalanche Price Requires the Correct Push

Avalanche price declined by 19% as the alternative coin the support at $84.87, then $79.06, flipping the levels into resistance regions. The downward move bottomed near $76.16 before the U-turn that conquered the hurdle at $79.06, exploring the next resistance area.

Overpowering this blockage remains critical for AVAX bulls to clear the patch towards the ceiling at $96.24, collecting buy-stop liquidity above the level. That would translate to a 14% gain for Avalanche price from its current area.

Such scenarios will see the rally extending towards $103.28, where the altcoin can form a local top, indicating a 21% upsurge. Though the highlighted case seems straightforward, a contrary case may witness Avalanche price correcting lows. That would allow bulls to gather momentum before a leg up to challenge the hurdle at $84.87.

Meanwhile, failure to recover from the retracement will see Avalanche coin hitting the support floor near $79.06. Buyers can attempt another comeback at this barrier. Nevertheless, a 4hr candle close under $76.16 will print a lower low, annulling AVAX’s bullish thesis.

Such a development might catalyze further downswings towards the $74 level, where sidelined traders can join for rescue.

For now, Avalanche’s fate depends on bulls’ reaction around the $84.87 level. Overcoming this hurdle will see the crypto gaining 20%. However, AVAX will likely retrace before triggering the positive move. However, failure to recover from this retracement might mean further downside. Meanwhile, losing the support barrier at $76.16 will ruin Avalanche’s bullish thesis.

The ongoing bullish actions across the market might help Avalanche achieve its upside goals. Large-cap assets traded higher today as the global crypto market cap gained more than 4% to $1.98 trillion. Keeping such trends will help AVAX sustains its upside bias.

Editorial credit: Ira Lichi / shutterstock.com