Another 5000 BTC From Mt Gox Wake Up After 9 Years

Last week, reports had shown that 10,001 bitcoins were sent to a number of crypto wallets by two old bitcoin addresses, which had been created back in 2013.

Clustering techniques and heuristics show that the bitcoins had been associated with the Mt Gox, close to the same time when the exchange got hacked in June 2011.

Another wallet that was created in 2013 then transferred 5,000 bitcoins five days later and these were also connected to the Mt Gox exchange in the same way.

Sleeping bitcoins

On December 19th, 2013, a wallet had been created and on September 4th, 2022, the same wallet transferred about 5,000 sleeping bitcoins. caught the movement and it occurred just five days after two wallet addresses that had been made on the same day nine years ago transferred 10,001 bitcoins.

The 5,000 bitcoins that had been transferred on Sunday have a mysterious history because these tokens are associated with the Mt Gox bitcoin exchange that is now defunct.

These tokens had been associated with the exchange around 2011, close to the time when it had gotten hacked in June.

The previous transfer

The movement of the 10,001 BTC tokens that had been associated with Mt Gox had not generated a lot of talks.

This is because some experts had suggested that the 2013 tokens could have belonged to an old cold storage address of the Kraken exchange, a Kraken user, or could also be part of a Kraken OTC deal.

However, it later came to light that it was less likely that the said tokens were associated with Kraken and more likely that they belonged to the Mt Gox exchange and could be under the control of Jeb McCaleb.

As for the second transfer of 5,000 bitcoins, they were likely sent to Coinbase and Kraken.

Another transaction

The two addresses that had sent 10,001 bitcoins on August 28th and August 29th, Sunday and Monday, had been created on December 19th, 2013.

On the same day, another address had been created and it transferred 5,000 BTC on September 4th, 2022.

Backtracking showed that these coins had also been part of Mt Gox and the address that stemmed from Sunday’s transfer held 4,929.43 bitcoins.

On Monday morning, these coins had been distributed to a number of multi-signature bitcoin addresses. Most experts were sure that these bitcoins are associated with Mt Gox and belonged to Jeb McCaleb.

The GFISchannel administrator stated that she had talked to Mark Karpeles, the chief executive of Mt Gox, who did not confirm the information but did not rule it out either.

The next question was why these movements were occurring at this point, as Vinnick was recently extradited to the US and there was also FUD where trustee payments are concerned.

It should be noted that these bitcoins had been sitting idle for close to 9 years and have finally woken up when bitcoin is trading at a value of $19.9K, but they are not connected to Mt Gox trustee.