• AAVE price shows bulls favoritism today.
  • Massive resistance stands at $209.
  • Aave trades at $170 today.

Aave price outlook shows the coin following unfamiliar trends with significant fluctuations within the last few days. AAVE had its price rising past the hurdle of $172 to explore $172 on 5 February 2022. However, bullishness lost momentum the same day, and Aave plunged towards $164 following a flash crash.

Today, 6 February 2022, the token regained some of the lost value after a positive momentum. Gradual price increases took AAVE to its current price of $170. The alternative coin gained 0.04% over the past 24 hours, its trading volume hovering near $146,947,069. Moreover, AAVE ranks 51 with a $2,295,298,591 live market capitalization.

AAVE/USD 4Hr – Recent Developments

AAVE price outlook showed market volatility on an upside move, making the token more prone to variable change towards either extreme. The Bollinger’s upper limit serves as AAVE’s massive resistance at $177. Meanwhile, the lower bands stand as the token’s support at $143.

The alt seems to cross over the Moving Average curve, suggesting a bullish trend. The past few hours, the asset witnessed massive bullishness with slight fluctuations towards a bearish region. Nevertheless, the market appears downright bullish at the moment, and the narrative will likely persist. Furthermore, the price looks to adhere to a linear direction, showing neutrality.

The RSI of 62 highlights overvalued conditions for the coin. Nevertheless, the indicator follows a stable direction, alleviating inflation signs. For now, the price will be steady unless the RSI score fluctuates.

AAVE 24Hr Timeframe – Closing Market

1-day price analysis indicates a plunging volatility trend, presenting fewer signals of falling on decreasing or increasing side. The Bollinger’s upper limit at $209 serves as massive resistance. Meanwhile, the lower boundary band offers support at $119.

AAVE price seems to cross over the MA curve, suggesting a bullish bias. Also, the declining volatility means an extended move by bulls. AAVE/USD heads highs towards a resistance that might lead to reversals. Nevertheless, the altcoin presents consistent signals, lowering breakout chances.

Final Thought

AAVE’s price highlights bullishness as the coins struggled at $170, following an uptick to $175 on 5 February 2022. While publishing this content, AAVE trades at $170, depicting consistent signs. The current bullishness may trigger considerable value increases for Aave.

Editorial credit: photo_gonzo / shutterstock.com