Wormhole (a blockchain bridge) has announced the launch of the eth-sol bridge, which links Solana and Ethereum blockchains. This ETH-SOL bridge will enable the almost 6.9m unsold NFTs on Ethereum to be switched to Solana. Also, some high-performing Solana NFTs can be sold on ETH. Thus, it is now possible for NFT creators to sell their works on Solana or Ethereum NFT marketplaces. 

Listing Solana NFTs On OpenSea

A digital art owner is now required to bridge his artwork to Ethereum before listing his Solana NFT on OpenSea. This way, the NFT listed on OpenSea will be the wrapped version, while the original one will remain on Solana. The switch doesn’t take up to six minutes, while the Solana-based asset will operate like any ERC-721 NFT.

It is also possible for any creator to transfer their ERC-721 NFT back to Solana and list it on Solana’s marketplace. Wormhole plans to update this bridge to include a UI for checking the NFT to authenticate its source, whether it’s on Solana or Ethereum.

Besides launching the SOL-ETH bridge, Wormhole also developed the NFT origin verifier to confirm the originality of the NFT. If this verifier hadn’t been launched, it would have created loads of issues for the bridge.

A 2-Year Old Firm Raises Over $1m For Green NFT Gaming Protocol

The world has never been the same following several evolutions of technology, resulting in severe climate change. With this problem in mind, Green Beli, a 2-year old crypto firm, is using the media for its awareness campaign regarding an eco-friendly initiative. This Green Beli NFT game initiative aims to develop a green metaverse and contribute immensely to the NFT and gaming space.

Green Beli intends to raise funds to promote other environmentally-friendly activities. The game involves using the blockchain platform in saving a tree at a time. The trees are in varieties, can be upgraded, and are available in specific quantities.

While Green Beli raised over $1m in this funding round, its participants included top VC firms such as Onebit and Momentum 6. This indicates the rapid growth of the Green Beli community. Another good news was that Game2blockchain firm nominated Green Beli as one of the top six gaming projects. Axie infinity was also one of the other nominees.

Green Beli’s gaming project contains an NFT marketplace where players can buy NFT lands and grow their trees. Players are entitled to various rewards at each stage of the game. Examples of such rewards include PVP, farming yields, and fusion.

The project utilizes its governance token (GRBE) as the exchange medium of the game. Players can also use this token to make in-game buys. The project’s advocates will hope the game is massively adopted very fast since the rate of adoption will directly impact the price of the GRBE tokens. However, the project’s team still plans to launch a seed sale for the open tree before this month ends.