A Major Retail Giant From US Enters Crypto-Blockchain Industry To Explore Metaverse

There was a time when the crypto-blockchain industry only revolved around Bitcoin (BTC). However, as time passed by, the crypto-blockchain industry has continued evolving and its evolution has become unending.

The technology surrounding the crypto-blockchain industry has continued advancing, making it easier to understand and adopt.

This is the reason why the crypto-blockchain industry has been adopted on a mainstream level. Now, almost every institution and retail sector is determined to gain exposure to the particular technology.

However, the crypto-blockchain technology has segregated over time, divided into multiple segments and spaces.

Out of all the spaces, the most adopted ones are metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

America Continues Adopting Crypto-Blockchain Technologies

Out of all the retailers and institutions from around the world, it is the US-based retailers who are most welcoming of cryptocurrencies. They are adopting the technologies derived from the crypto-blockchain space to their benefit.

The most recent retailer from the United States is Walmart which has stepped into the crypto-blockchain space and wants to gain exposure in the metaverse.

Walmart Wants to Enter Metaverse

It is a huge achievement for the metaverse technology that it has managed to attract one of the largest retail giants from the United States.

Walmart, one of the largest retail chains in the United States has announced that it is entering the metaverse.

The retail giant has announced that it has collaborated with Roblox, a major game-developing company popularly known for its fondness for blockchain technology.

Following the collaboration, Walmart is launching two major platforms within the metaverse. The first platform is Walmart’s Universe of Play and the other one is Walmart Land.

Walmart Wants to Offer Immersive Experiences

Walmart has announced that by collaborating with Roblox, it is aiming to offer highly immersive experiences to its users and customers.

Through their metaverse platform, they are aiming to offer a DJ booth, an interactive piano walkway, unlockable badges and tokens, and a physics-defying Ferris wheel for users.

More Products for the Users

Walmart has announced that they will be launching many more other products for their users. These products include Sharon C’s UOMA, Bubble, Lottie London, and many more other products and brands they will feature on their platform.

The users will be able to interact with their virtual world and will be able to roam around the entire environment with their avatars. The users will also be able to purchase virtual and digital merchandise.

Walmart Land to Offer so Much More

Through Walmart Land, Walmart is also aiming to run Electric Fest, which would be their motion-capturing concert. The concerts will start taking place in October and multiple artists such as Kane Brown, Madison Beer, and YUNGBLUD, will be performing there.