$4.36 Million Raised by Solice for Metaverse, May Boost Metaverse Sector’s Overall Performance

Just as the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow larger with time, more and more spaces are being launched in the sector. Among several sectors already launched within the crypto-verse, a very innovative space known as “metaverse” has been launched.

In Today’s market, the metaverse is gaining the same kind of prominence and attention as NFTs and DeFi did in early 2021. The sector is constantly growing upwards but due to the recent pushbacks from the investment markets, it is experiencing a slight drop.

However, this was something that was expected just when the overall crypto-verse took a dip on November 10, 2021. Despite the current situation, the analysts from on-chain data analyzing platforms such as TradingView and Glassnode have high hopes for the metaverse.

This is because the number of investments and developments currently taking place within the metaverse is very promising. The reason behind its constant growth and success is its adaptability and integration ability of the metaverse.

The particular technology can be incorporated into almost every sector and into any kind of cryptocurrency or NFT. This makes the metaverse a technology that almost every company and corporation aims to adopt.

This is the reason why Solice has managed to benefit from the hype in its recent funding round. Solice is a 3D metaverse that is based on the Solana blockchain network. According to the teams behind Solice, the protocol successfully generated funds worth $4.36 million from the recent funding round.

The funding round was held in the form of private sales and seed funding. Three major firms reportedly led the funding round that included DeFiance Capital, Animoca Brands, and Three Arrows Capital.

Solice has also released the names of other prominent investors who participated in the fund round. These firms included SWeb3 Capital, Mintable, Cropperbros Research, DAO Maker, Rarestone Capital, Skynet Trading, Icetea Labs, and Double Peak Group.

More participants included Peech Capital, ZBS Capital, a41 Ventures, Maven Capital, CMS Holdings, Solar Eco Fund, KuCoin Labs, Genblock Capital, Jump Capital, SkyVision Capital, Solanium Ventures, and Alameda Research.

Solice is one of the fastest developing projects within the metaverse industry. According to the development teams behind Solice, their goal is to offer metaverse that is deeply immersive. They want to give users the ultimate metaverse experience where they can monetize, socialize, own, build, and play through the virtual universe.

As of now, the overall valuation of the metaverse is $49,581,577,504 that has dropped by 3.27% in the past 24-hours. As for the trading volume, it is currently at $7,997,595,329, after experiencing a 23.3% plummet in the past 24-hours.

Solice has announced that it will be using the funds to create an even bigger verse for the users that will be supported by several metaverse tokens. This means that the metaverse may finally have its breakthrough, raising its valuation and trades by green figures with double digits.