Unipot – The One-Of-A-Kind Blockchain-Based Lottery Platform


There’s no denying the fact that crypto industry is growing at a very fast pace. Every day we see many innovative crypto projects being covered by crypto blogs. Unipot is one among them that’s getting steam among crypto investors and users all over the world. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, Unipot is a weekly lottery platform where drawings take place every Saturday at 8pm UTC. Thanks to its unique idea and potential benefits, people around the crypto society are taking it quite seriously. 

The platform is backed by its UNI tokens that become tickets for the weekly drawing. The more you hold these tokens in the wallet, the higher the chances of you winning the lottery. Users can have 1 to 100 tickets per wallet, and these tickets remain valid as long as they hold the tokens in their wallet. If you invest in less than 1 token or more than 100 tokens, those tokens will be considered as a purely speculative asset and will not be converted to tickets for the weekly drawing. 


The Unipot’s jackpot size increases with every UNI Token transfer, as 0.5% of the amount being transferred will be sent to Unipot’s Treasury that is dedicated to the weekly drawing. Another 0.5% of the amount is burned and eliminated from the supply to improve UNI’s scarcity. The platform supports the following crypto wallets: MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, imToken, and Gnosis Safe. 

Another thing that makes Unipot stands out is that it isn’t limited to specific locations, anyone from anywhere in the world can invest in UNI Tokens and participate in the weekly drawing. Getting started with Unipot is super easy; you won’t need to go through any intense procedure.

Here’s what the Unipot team says about its Treasury and price regulation:

‘’Unipot’s Treasury is initially funded with 50% of the total supply and grows with every token transfer from users. As 0.5% of the funds are sent on a weekly to the winner the jackpot amount is deflationary by design. Tickets are trading and prices determined on open markets. These prices set the value of the weekly jackpot which is always 0.5% of the remaining funds inside of Unipot’s Treasury.’’

If you’re interested in Unipot lottery, you should visit their official website to learn more about how they work. As far as we know about the project, Unipot seems to be beneficial for everyone involved. It has fair chances of growing big in the future. However, you shouldn’t take our word for it. You should judge things yourself prior to making any investment. 

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