The Underlying Technology of Markaccy

The Underlying Technology of Markaccy

From conceptualisation to initiation, Markaccy is a project created to evolve. Evolution is a concept that defines technology, and technology is a concept that defines Markaccy. The aim of technology is to progressively develop through constant improvement either by improving an existing concept or creating sometime entirely new, or a responsible combination of both. With Markaccy, the operating ethos is aligned with the philosophy behind technology. Markaccy’s long term strategy to become a digital economy takes its roots from its foundation as a multidimensional solutions provider in a service-based Marketplace business model relying on speedy transactions to achieve its goals and satisfy end-users.

However, there was first a need to decide on what public blockchain Markaccy’s decentralised Apps and blockchain Projects would be created, and the choice of Ethereum’s blockchain was borne out of a host of reasons.

The Underlying Technology of Markaccy

Markaccy as an Ethereum-based Blockchain:

The Nakamoto blockchain was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, and it became the first known Blockchain Technology platform that existed. The first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, also operated off this blockchain. The appeal of the Nakamoto Blockchain is that transactions are recorded in open distributed ledgers called blocks, and these blocks, much unlike centralised systems, operate off decentralised networks and are accessible by computers connected throughout the network. However, the bitcoin blockchain’s drawback is it’s slow block time which means that transactions are processed slower than the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike the expected block time for bitcoin which is roughly 10 minutes, the expected block time for Ethereum is about 10 to 12 seconds, which means that transactions are processed much faster. This made it suitable for blockchain companies running ICOs with their cryptocurrencies, and it struck a massive appeal for Ethereum as a public chain designed to be a platform for companies to create decentralised apps and blockchains off existing ideas or completely novel ones.

Markaccy is one of such blockchain companies created off the Ethereum Blockchain. It was created to drive speedy transactions and offer fast multidimensional solutions across its platforms and marketplace, and for this reason the Ethereum Blockchain was suitable for that. Markaccy’s digital token, the ERC-20 MKCY token, was also created off the Ethereum Blockchain. These creations were meant to augment the following:

  • Take advantage of Ethereum’s Smart Contracts, a mechanism that stores agreements between two of more End-users in open distribution ledgers that are stored in the Blockchain and are verifiable from every point across the decentralised network. This is to provide security with transactions across the Markaccy platform.
  • To ensure fast processing speed of transactions, taking advantage of Ethereum’s quick block times.
  • To utilise a platform that allows Markaccy to improve on innovations and to be flexible across decentralised points.

Markaccy’s long term strategy with its Digital Economy is a strong example. The project, though a lofty one, sets the standard by adapting its platforms to solve multidimensional problems. The developments has meant a strong development team, varying programming technologies and allocation of time and resources to research.

Markaccy’s Current and Future Technologies:

The first decision was the choice of public blockchains to utilise as a creation point for Markaccy’s Blockchain, and Ethereum’s Blockchain was chosen for the aforementioned reasons above.

The second decision was then to decide on which programming technologies to utilise in the creation of our website and Blockchain applications. For instance, JavaScript is a cross-functional programming language, and PHP is great for web development. Projects like the Markaccy Marketplace will require a deal of Machine Learning, which Python is best for, and flutterwave is decent for DApps with IOS and Adroid compatibilities. But these are the basics which Markaccy looks to improve on. For instance, trying to see how two or more programming language combinations could benefit prototype projects are short term researchable areas. Utterly new ideas which involve money and resources are medium to long-term solutions.

The ethos of Markaccy is to constantly improve, and so long as there are always practical problems across centralised systems to solve, Markaccy was created to not just spot these problems but to be agile in reaction to these problems. The proper response, which is the Markaccy DNA, is continuous improvement of our existing technologies and radical inventions from new ideas.


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