SpitFire – The One-of-a-Kind Crypto Token to Buy World War II Plane Model NFT


The crypto industry is expanding by the minute. Every day we see a unique crypto project being launched and covered by crypto news blogs and platforms. In this article, we are going to cover one such project called ‘’SpitFire,’’ the world’s first NFT project for collectible World War 2 planes in augmented reality. Those interested in the SpitFire project can participate in their token presale by clicking on the presale link available on their official website.


Thanks to its uniqueness and promising advantages, the SpitFire project is getting steam among crypto investors and traders across the globe. The SpitFire coin will be used to buy WW2 plane model NFTs. The key objective of the SpitFire coin is to get exchanged for multiple WW2 plane NFTs that will come out as time moves.

The NFTs will be full plane models with full descriptions and serial numbers following real-life production numbers and launch dates as well. The primary goal of the SpitFire project is to draw the attention of WW2 fans all over the world. They will be able to buy, collect, sell and swap different WW2 plane NFTs.

The team behind SpitFire also aims to make other types of vehicles in the future. Their coin is expected to be listed on crypto exchanges like Uniswap in the near future. They also plan to develop a mobile app for SpitFire project and its NFTs.

When it comes to credibility and transparency, the SpitFire team is always active on Telegram and committed to answering people’s questions. They have high expectations for their project and strongly believe that it will go far, attracting crypto investors and traders all over the world. The team has no plans of abandoning their project, as they think it will bring great success not only to them but to everyone that invested and supported the SpitFire project. They are dedicated to making this project a huge success, as they firmly believe that it has the potential to grow manifold.

Here’s what SpitFire has to say about its presale:

‘’The Presale is happening on DxSale via MetaMask. To prevent whales and dumps of the coin, the coin will only be able to be purchased for 0.05 to 1 BNB, with the softcap being at only 25 BNB. The token was created with a 100 million limit with long liquidity lock as well as governance. There are 3 dev wallets, them having a 6% split – The 1st wallet contains 5% (5 Million Tokens) and is used for airdrops and such. The wallet will not be locked – The 2nd and 3rd wallets are unlocked dev wallets, holding 0.5% (500 Thousand Tokens) each for partially financing the project itself.’’

If you are interested in the SpitFire project and want to know more about it in detail, you should visit their official website and read their whitepaper to clear any doubts you may have about it.

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