Most Profitable Crypto Signals Providers in 2021

crypto signals

Crypto trading is a profitable business, but only for those who know exactly what they are doing. This lack of knowledge can put you at a great disadvantage viz a viz the expert traders. Crypto signals have taken that lack of information out of the equation as it is the expert traders themselves giving out these signals to the newbies, helping them make some profit. Below is the list of crypto signals providers which have been delivering efficiently on their promises.

MyCryptoParadise: it is new in the market but the guys behind this have experience of over 20 years between them. They made a lot of profitable trades for themselves back in the day and now have decided to do the same for others. MyCryptoParadise stands out in the way they have evenly covered every aspect of being a crypto signals provider. It has got a functional website, has got a blog where they put education content regularly and has got a news portal to keep you updated with the current happenings of the crypto market. They provide their signals through telegram channels. And if you opt for their ParadiseFamilyVIP scheme, you even get a one-to-one personal coach available to you all day round the clock. Their team is very responsive and no query goes unheard.

Their signals have an accuracy of over 90% and your money is never dumped to make random profits. There is always a great deal of analysis and caution going behind the scenes before a signal is sent out to its subscribers. There’s a VIP chatroom where all the VIP members can socialize, have discussions and help each other out. It always turns into a very informative discussion when things get going here. MyCryptoParadise literally covers all the features of a good signal provider.

SignalsHunt: As the name suggests, this crypto signals provider hunts for the crypto signals from well over 15 most profitable telegram channels, combines them, and delivers them to its users. This way it promises to give the most profitable trades. Apart from that, it provides mid and long-term forecasts regarding the investment opportunities for its subscribers. Their ICO reviews are one of the best in the Industry and thus one can keep tabs on any new projects or altcoins gaining ground in the market. It also has trading courses where the users can learn to analyze the complex charts themselves.

It also teaches them about various trading strategies and risk management. This makes people more self-reliant, which at first looks like a counter-intuitive thing for a signal provider to do. They have a good transparency culture and thus one can check their website for their performance breakdown. SignalsHunt has proved to be very profitable for its users. The only downside is that its profit margin is a bit lesser than the top performers. It is young and evolving and seems to have a strong future ahead.

RocketWallet: Started by two expert traders from France, Rocket Wallet is one of the fastest-growing crypto trading channels. It covers popular crypto exchanges like Binance, BitMEX, and ByBit signals. Just like the others, they also have got a free and a paid channel. With around 2-3 trading signals a day, even the free version is profitable. To get extra added features, one has to subscribe to the paid version.

The paid channel gets around 4 signals a day. The monthly subscription is $90 a month while for an annual subscription, it is $700. Equipped with all the latest features, Rocket Wallet supports bots and auto trading which can be configured using the APIs. It focuses on short and mid-term signals to its users.