Grow Your Income Streams with Psychic Finance’s Yield Farming and Prediction Market Services

Psychic Finance’s

The use of blockchain technology is growing by the minute. Every day we see a new blockchain-powered project being covered by crypto news websites. In this blog post, we are also going to discuss one such project named ‘’Psychic Finance’’ that is getting steam among crypto users all over the world, thanks to its unique and promising idea.

Psychic Finance’s

What Exactly is Psychic Finance?

Psychic Finance is a blockchain-powered platform built on Binance Smart Chain. It provides crypto users with the opportunity to earn passive income from NFT, yield farming, and the prediction market. It is comprised of three markets: NFT, Farming, and the Prediction market. The team at Psychic Finance has a huge amount of experience in the prediction market and yield marketing. They are committed to bringing new unique ideas to the project and helping Psychic Finance users earn more passive income. What sets this project apart from others is that it combines inventive farming and NFT to provide investors with a world-class farming experience.

What Sets it Apart from other Crypto-Based Projects?

  • Psychic Finance brings an exciting prediction market, where crypto users can list predictions, place bets, and take part in game voting for returns.
  • The project lets its members serve as betting executives, predictive registrants, or referees.
  • Any of its members can challenge the result of a bet if they think it’s unfair.

Psychic Finance’s Native Token PSY

The project has its own native token ‘’PSY.’’ Users can buy services and goods, and pay for transaction fees using PSY tokens. Users can also stake PSY tokens to earn a decent profit on their investments without doing anything. If you decide to take part in the Psychic Finance prediction market, your PSY can bring you extra income. 

Users can also invest their tokens for decent results with Psychic Finance’s yield farming option. The platform also provides crypto owners with an opportunity to lend their digital currency to other crypto users in the market to earn a decent amount of interest when their digital assets are returned.

Psychic Finance also allows income generation through the prediction market. PSY Power is a stable coin that NFT cardholders can get as a reward if their prediction gets true in the prediction market. For example, if a crypto user predicts about a certain digital currency in a given time, and their prediction gets true later, they will be rewarded with PSY tokens. The rewarded PSY tokens can also be used to buy NFT prediction cards, which in turn bring in more income. The NFT card that is used determines the value of the rewards that are paid out. Visit their official website to know more about the project.

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