Everything You Need to Know About ICO

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the latest form of crowdfunding. It is used by entrepreneurs and startup companies to bypass regulated capital raising process required by banks or venture capital investment firms. In an Initial Coin Offering campaign, a particular percentage of tokens is sold or issued to early stakeholders of the project. People can buy tokens using other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

When a crypto startup wants to raise funds though ICO, they normally write their plan on a whitepaper which contains information about the project. Whitepaper is one of the most important things in ICO. So it should be written with greatest accuracy and professionalism. From ICO registration to making an ICO marketing strategy, everything requires special attention. As a founder of the ICO, you should be very careful while opting for a platform to launch your ICO, since there’s no shortage of frauds and scams.  You and your team should work actively to make your ICO look more legitimate. The more legitimate it looks the higher the chances of success for your ICO.

There’re a number things you need to keep your mind to stand apart from your competition. While creating whitepaper for your ICO project, be sure to answer all the questions regarding your project. To make your ICO super successful, you need to grab the interest of potential investors. If the funds raised don’t meet the target amount required by the firm, all the funds are returned to the supporters and the Initial Coin Offering is considered to be unsuccessful. If the target amount is achieved within the required timeframe, the funds raised are used to either complete the project or initiate the new scheme.

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