Crypto Exchange ChainX and Plosive Project Join Hands to Take Crypto Industry to the Next Level


The crypto community is growing at a very fast pace. Every day, we see a number of new, innovative blockchain and crypto projects being featured by crypto blogs. This is because blockchain technology has endless opportunity and can be used virtually in every field. In this blog, we’re going to talk about a widely recognized crypto exchange ChainX and a mobile rewards app Plosive. Both are looking to work jointly to inspire more people to get into the crypto world.

What is ChainX?

With over 1 million active users all over the world, ChainX is one of the most reputed crypto exchanges in the Korean crypto market. It’s also ranked among the biggest and fastest rising crypto exchanges in the world. Thanks to its huge community base, it’s being used largely by new crypto projects for their Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). 



What Sets it Apart from Other Exchanges in the Market?

Unlike many other crypto exchanges available out there, ChainX employs an intuitive website that is easy to navigate. Anyone with even less crypto know-how can understand how it works. It also has a special platform called ChainVest, which overlooks the handling of offering new digital currencies for sale before they’re officially listed on the site. The platform has a huge community base that is sure to help newly-listed cryptocurrencies get traction quickly in the market. 

What is Plosive Project?

Plosive project is a mobile rewards app aimed at helping people make the most of blockchain prjoects. It’s specially designed for people who are new to blockchain technology. With this app, users can experience crypto mining without any prepayment. 

Plosive Project

Here’s what the team behind Plosive Project says about their project:

‘’The Plosive project will use many user infrastructures to collaborate with other good blockchain projects to provide them with a user infrastructure with an understanding of the blockchain, and We will get good service for other great blockchain projects. (Discount benefits, products, etc.)
We have already received $3.5 million investment from private investors.’’