0xowns.art – The Ultimate Blockchain Art Market That Benefits Everyone Involved


It’s safe to say that Blockchain technology is one of the best things to happen to the world in the past decade.  It’s gaining ground among tech enthusiasts and tech firms, thanks to its unique concept and versatility. 0xowns.art is the most recent example of blockchain-based project aimed at revolutionizing the art industry. Now visitors on 0xowns.art can check the art’s current market value, buy it and set a resale value. When that resale price is matched by other user on the platform, ownership is transferred, and the seller’s Ethereum account is credited. No digital assets or tokens are granted or exchanged during the transfer of ownership. The ownership is reflected by recording and verifying the transaction in the Ethereum Blockchain.


0xowns.art is a safe and secure platform as it employs powerful technology to ensure privacy and security. It’s a one-of-a-kind project designed to take art industry to the next level. The team behind this project is very committed to adding more innovations to the platform and making it world’s top leading blockchain art market. To join the platform, you need to deposit ETH (Ethereum) to buy the art. You can also withdraw your Ethereum later. The concept is pretty simple and seems to be feasible for the art market. Being an art enthusiast isn’t something mandatory to the platform; anyone can join and earn profit by purchasing art works through Blockchain technology.

If you or any of your friends is planning to give 0xowns.art a shot, it’s important that you first assess all the factors involved and study the platform carefully to make a wise decision. The more you analyze things the better. People who’ve explored the platform seem to be satisfied with the idea of 0xowns.art. The platform solves all the pertinent issues surrounding the art industry, including opaqueness in pricing, and Lack of regulation.

Around 90% of the art works are sold by art galleries, who’re very secretive about its pricing. The 0xowns.art fixes this issue once and for all. The value of your art work won’t be determined by any art gallery, and you’ll get real price for your artwork. Artists can sell their art pieces directly to art lovers, instead of relying on art galleries, which often can be biased for specific individuals with whom they have close associations.  The platform ranks high on the search engines with the following keywords or search queries: blockchain art collective, blockchain and art world, blockchain digital art market, blockchain technology in art, etc.

The platform also tackles ‘’the problem of fakes’’. There’s no chance you can buy fake artwork on the platform, thanks to the blockchain-based security system. No one can edit or exploit artworks presented on 0xowns.art. So, you can rest assured that you’re buying the real art piece.  

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